Salsa might very well be one of the most popular and most well-known styles of dance: from night clubs all over the world to dance competitions to weddings, salsa is oftentimes the go to style for those that want to have fun and dance!

While the name “salsa” is Hispanic in origin, the dance style originated in New York in the 60s, drawing inspiration from different Cuban musical styles such as son montuno, cha cha cha or mambo. It became really popular with the Puerto Rican and Cuban diasporas in New York City extremely fast, and later on went to gain world fame thanks to dancers, musicians and producers such as Johnny Pacheco, Celia Cruz, or Larry Harlow.

This type of dance is incredibly popular and perhaps one of the most mainstream ones you can learn so if you are looking for some lessons simply ask your local dance school; they most definitely have it in their repertoire. There are also plenty of video tutorials on Youtube to get you started if you are shy!

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