Prince Purple Rain 1985

K&J’s, North St. Paul, Bad Girlfriends band, outside dancing. Nightfall, the purple 💜 spotlight is gracing the lead singer (Dionne Yochim); circa 2016 or 2017.  Just as it’s her time to sing the verse “purple rain”, it begins to actually rain. All dancers, kept holding onto their loved ones or dance partners and continued dancing experiencing the magic of the elements, purple light, live music; Purple Rain.

K&J has been sold and those who like to dance hope the new owners will provide live music as it is scarce. Dionne hasn’t been lead singer in many years. (Although,  Deb Zieman is in the spot where Dionne had been and has extreme singing ability. The other members  in the band, sing lead on different specialized songs.) Enjoy, Prince Nelson and his talented musicians/singers.

For more info on the band;

Here’s hoping places to have live music, and hope for more talent that will be within our grasp and 💃👯‍♀️🕺 dancing in our future.

Select the link below for Prince and Purple Rain video.

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