It Is All About Country Line Dancing

In many parts of the south, it is all about country line dancing. We have all heard the term, but many of us have never seen this style of dance. So what is county line dancing and when is it done? Read on to learn all about country line dancing.

What is Country Line Dancing?

It is a choreographed form of country and western dance where a group of people dances in a line while doing repeated steps at the same time. The groups can dance facing each other as well. Country line dancing is also called the two-step. The most popular versions are the Barn Dance Mixer, Tush Push, and the Cowboy Charleston. It began with folk dancing many years ago and phased into a new form called country line dancing.

When is Country Line Dancing Done?

Most line dancing is done in-country and western bars, but there are also line dancing competitions across the country.

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