Dancing Shoes

It is a mistake to use street shoes to dance since they lack the necessary characteristics and could damage the ankles, knees, joints, ties, and menisci, get caught on the ground, and make you lose your balance and fall. These disadvantages disappear with dance shoes since they weigh little, are comfortable, and adapt to the foot.

In summary, the advantages of using dancing shoes are to provide comfort, protect our feet, facilitate movements and, as they are padded on the sole, prevent the foot from being impacted with the ground.

It must be taken into account that they are resistant since they must endure hours of practice and dancing; of good quality, forget about the plastic ones, these do not last, the perfect ones are the leather ones, they are durable and will serve you on the track; that they are comfortable, they must have an adequate width so that they adapt to any foot and that they do not hurt any area of ​​the foot; appropriate heel, select both the height and the shape of the heel depending on whether you are starting to dance, whether you have been there for several years or are used to wearing heels or not; design, there are countless models, the choice will depend on personal taste, The finish can be matte, glossy, patent leather, with glitter, combining different materials such as satin, etc.

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