Dance Competitions

Competitive dance is a popular sport in which the participants, solo or in groups, perform choreographed dances in any of the permitted styles of the competition. There are dance competitions for any kind of style you could ever think of: salsa, tango, ballet, contemporary, hip hop.. even kpop!

Competitive dance might seem really formal and professional like you could only ever hope to compete after years of practice having been enrolled in your local dance school, but this is the era of the Internet and if you want to compete in dance you simply have to google “dance competition” to find both plenties of local competitions where you can test your mettle or even apply or online competitions by recording a video in the comfort of your own home that you will send to the judges!

All in all, if you have ever wanted to try your hand at the competitive dance, now it is easier than ever: find a choreography that you love and get to practicing!

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