Randy’s Rock N Roll Report

Dancing in Wisconsin, since Minnesota is blue in more ways than our Democratic Governor Tim Walz is creating with Minnesota’s lockdown revision until January 11th, 2021. Here are Randy’s RRR post. Hello everyone. It’s Christmas week and I all hope you have a chance to visit with loved ones. This weeks report again has no

Dance Ornaments MOA

Callister’s has all different themed ornaments to gift loved ones with items that are personalized for instance, cheerleaders in your lives or sports or a plethora of topics of life that they have for recipient(s) to identify as their favorite life activities. These ornaments for dance enthusiasts are beautiful to hang from a welcoming Christmas

Rosedale Mall ornament

I found this one ornament that represents Ballet dancing. It was at Rosedale Mall at a kiosk with other figures that appear as this they are made of dough, however. I believe they’re made of clay. They are exquisit figures with delightfully painted detail. Who wouldn’t want to hang this up for a little girl